International Exhibition (Male) Tournament

The International Saibishie League (properly known as the Exhibition Tournament) is now up and ready to begin. This is a male tournament that follows an elimination style format starting with 96 characters nominated from several forums, followed by 32, 16, 8, 4, and finally the finals. This offests Korean’s own male tournament by not having a preliminary round, but most notably for the high number of voter participation, something that KBM seriously needs. Even males have their great moments in the history of anime, and here, they will prove to other competitors and to the world who the best guy is.

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KBM Round of 2: Group 1 Result (Restarted)

Written in the Books

No one said this match was going to be clean. In more ways than one, both of these keeper of books were about to get down and dirty. Be it Masamune’s forward personality to push things in order to make sure work can continue to move forward or Takashi’s determination to search for the spirits who have lost their names, both of them were going to have a tough time trying to figure out a victory from here. Both were slugging back and forth for the top seat as the match appeared to be very close on both ends. In the end, however, Masamuna (60) managed to stay above Takashi (56) just barely and long enough such that he could be crowned the winner of this year’s KBM male tournament. Congratulations to Takano Masamune for the victory. Surely, this would give the editing staff some boost in morale. Then again, I am sure they schedule will act against them once more and they will be back to their same old selves.

KBM Male Division 2012: Round of 2 (Restarted)

The final match is on as Natsume Takashi and Takano Masamune fight for the right to be crowned the new KBM male champion. Both have fought thick and thin to be able to make it this far. Now that both of them have ascended to the top, only one of them was going to have his hand raised when all is said and done. They may think they are safe now, but they are nowhere near calm waters. This will be the biggest challenge they have to face. It is time to see who will attain the KBM male title.

KBM Round of 4: Overall Impressions (Restarted)

I cannot say that I am a bit disappointed. More so, I expected something like this to happen. While I already knew, based of their data, that Takano and Takashi would be the the victors of their match. I have said this many times before, and it is a bit redundant for me to sat, at this point, but I cannot help but stress that we need more voter participation here. Seeing voting numbers only at the 100 range is a bit sad compared to the two other big more tournaments as well as its past performance. Again, there is not really anything I can do here, since I cannot vote. However, I hope that the final match will at least bring a few more people into the table, since it is the final match. Until then, I do not know what to expect.

KBM Round of 4: Group 2 Result (Restarted)

Book of Songs

Natsume Takashi and Kurusu Shou would prepare themselves for a match that could change their lives as they know it. Of course, each has a story that he wants to share. For Takashi, seeing spirits would be his disadvantage when it comes to making genuine friends. However, even spirits can be friends as well, as while some people would like to see them, to which Takashi finds odd, at least he is able to become acquainted with those whom he could consider as friends. For Kurusu Shou, he has always had the support of his friends due to his poor health. Now, it is his turn to show them that the friendships that he had created would be the strength that he needs in order to move forward. In the end, it would be Takashi (56) who would defeat Shou (47) in order to head on to the final round.

KBM Round of 4: Group 1 Result (Restarted)

Hard Copy Platter

Surely when things are this heated up, none of the characters wish to go down just yet, for they have gone too far to lose it all. This is especially the case for Takano Masamune and  Ciel Phantomhive. For Masamune, it is more that just getting things done on time. Everything that he does and exemplifies, he tries to teach the newcomers the meaning behind the work and how to go about things that would stress someone out in a job like this. Takano wants to make sure that he employees are well and enjoy themselves during their work. For Ciel, it is not just about him anymore. Sure he has a few rivals whom he could care less of, but the relationships that he has with all of them are treasured by him, as if his existence actually has a meaning to those who are around him. By the end of this match, it would be Masamune (57) who would have the finals on his mind while Ciel (55) would have to go to his mansion empty-handed.

KBM Male Division 2012: Round of 4 (Restarted)

The Top Four has been decided, and these boys are willing to do whatever it takes to make it through to the final round, of which whoever passes that challenge would become the new KBM Champion in the male division. Like always the semifinals would be divided such that the matches would be divided equally it terms of how each character has performed. In this case, that would mean that Takano Masamune would face Ciel Phantomhive on one side of the bracket while Natsume Takashi and Kurusu Shou would be on the other. Something is going to go down. Let us see how the semi-finals will commence.