Saya no Uta Review

Truth be told, I was very surprised about this game mechanics. It has been a while since I have played a rather short visual novel, but even its short length does not make it a bad work. There is so much that one can take out from this little work that it is hard to summarize just how I feel about it, let alone give this a stand-alone summary. Saya no Uta really is a masterful work, and I have to give credit to Urobuchi Gen for writing this work as well as the accompanied artists and music directors.

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Kira Kira Review

Kira Kira revolves around Maejima Shikanosuke, a third year high school student who currently does not know what to do with his life after he graduates. Working at his part-time job, he comes across a popular band known as Star Generation, who gives him tickets to their show after a quarrel they inadvertently created. His life takes a turn when he and Shiino Kirari, another part-time worker that goes to his school, visits their gig and are amazed by their performance. The energetic and smiling Kirari uses this experience for their own club, the secondary literature club. Because their club was going to be disbanded and combined with the first literature club, she managed to persuade everyone to do a performance in the Cultural Festival as their final mark in the school after the disbandment. Who would have thought that they who know nothing about music were going to have their lives altered during their last year in high school?

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Da Capo (visual novel) Review

Da Capo sets it story in the eyes of Asakura Jun’ichi, a boy with the power to create sweets from the closing of is hands and a bit of imagery. Here, we get to see, from his eyes the daily events that occur around them as well as setting and following the story of several other heroine’s routes who he falls in love with as the story progresses. Since I have already seen the anime before playing the visual novel, I would have already expected what was going to occur through each route, but it was still a decent play as I am reminded once again why I love a particular girl in the series.

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