Fighter Me

Despite my appearance, I am a mixed martial artist. I know that there are people out there who do not consider this a fighting style, but it certainly is not street fighting.

Rarely do I use my fist as I try to limit how many punches I throw, which is usually none. I might throw a quick jab here or there to set up someone big, but that would be it. My reason for not using my hands is the use of it apparently sparks a more dangerous call of combat than any other part of the body, or so that I have read. With inclusion, many fighters out there like to use their fists to fight commonly, so I chose a different method of what I use more. My hands are pretty quick, but do not carry much strength in them. A headlock following a series of quick punches: maybe, but very rarely. In anything, I would use my hands commonly to poke or scratch the opponent’s eyes, temporary blinding them for a bit for a quick set up.

If given the choice between hands or feet to fight, I would rather go with my legs, Apparently, they leave more of a connotation form of starting a fight than the use of hands, or so have I heard. My favorite kick is a low kick. Not only is it past, but rarely anyone looks down to see how their lower body are doing, so I exploit that common flaw. In some occasions, I perform a side kick to the knee, a snap kick to the groin, a roundhouse kick to the ribs, a snap kick to the gut, or a side kick to the gut. On very rare occasions where my opponent is groggy do I perform a roundhouse kick, spinning back kick, or a big boot to the face of the opponent, as all of those moves leave me very vulnerable in both performance and in the event I miss.

Another thing I like to use for combat are my joints, especially knees. They usually come in sets of combinations, since it is a shorter range for close combat. A favorite move of mine, if I am close enough to the opponent, is a quick head clinch for either a high or jumping knee to the opponent’s eye or nose, since it would provide enough stun time for me to pull off something big. Another move I like to perform is a running knee strike to the face if the opponent is down and trying to get up. In some occasions, I would slam my elbow onto the temple. On rarer instances, whenever I get the chance to, I would ram my knee onto the temple. The goal is to stun or knock unconscious, not to cover them in blood or kill.

In very rare moments, I perform submission holds. I tend to not do this very often since I technically do not know how to properly perform them. The only submission hold I can perform is a half-nelson choke hold, otherwise commonly known as a sleeper hold. The only other submission that I somewhat know how to perform is a cross armbar, but, as the saying goes, if you do not know how to perform it, do not perform it at all. You can practice it during free time, but if placed in a match, it is most likely better to perform moves one already knows and take advantage of slight opportunities provided.

Due to my weak stature, I try not to perform close combat or grapple holds. I can be easily overpowered, so I have to rely to defense most of the time. On many occasions, I would dodge, parry, and block moves. I am a technical fighter, and because I have decent resiliency, my defense helps somewhat from my weak offense. I try to use the terrain to my utmost advantage, but if the field is bare, I have to rely on my technical skills. Since I have a slow reaction time, I would mostly block moves. Once I gained enough information on how they move do it start to dodge and parry. I try to perform aerial moves as well, since I am somewhat quick with my feet. On more that one occasion, if there is a platform somewhere, I would most likely use it to my advantage and use every part of my body to attack the opponent. Again, goal is to confuse and stun.

If you would like to put me in a fighting video game, here are my stats:

Billed height: 6’0″

Billed weight: 175 lbs.

Billed from: Rochester, New York

Signature maneuver: Knee drop to the face on a grounded opponent, Swinging snap knee drop to the face on a standing opponent.

Finishing maneuver: Standing reverse headlock transitioned into a guillotine knee drop to the neck of the opponent, Flipped running knee strike to the face on a grounded opponent


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