Artistic Me

Ever since I was introduced to Photoshop in my Graphic Arts class in high school, computer graphic art became one of my favorite hobbies. While I am still new to Photoshop, I find it interesting to tweak images and turn it into something of my favor.

I do not create the pictures in general. Those I find online, and the credit goes to those great artist that we have all over the world who took their time to make great works like these. Heck, even the image in the header is created by one of the said great artist. The only difference here is that I added text that represent my blog onto it. In a lot of things that I created, I either brighten/darken the image for my sight, recolor some images for my benefit, or just cropping characters and placing them in a background for my enjoyment. I am sure almost anyone can do these easy things, some of whom are professional to make crop works feel like they were there from the start.

While I lack the inability to draw concrete objects, landscapes, and the like, I can, however create other works using computer art. If you wish to have a logo created for your business, I can create that. If you want to have a cover art for a CD you are working on, I can create that. If you are thinking about having a plain t-shirt redesigned to have some kind of image/message on it, I can create the blueprint of that image. Even buttons or menu screen design that you would like to have to ad spice in your latest game creation, I can make them. These small things I have the power to call my own. It is just when dealing with things such as animation of characters or background art, I am unable to do.

Another thing that I picked up recently is painting. This was tried out during my senior year in high school, and I actually find myself enjoying it. While not as common as me adjusting a wallpaper that I found on a website that I wish to use for my entertainment, I do get a chance here and there to paint whatever is on my mind. Sometimes, I paint still life; others, an imaginary landscape. Some come out insofar okay; others…well, let us say that it does not look like what I wish for it to be. As I was painting, I found out that some, if not, most, of my works have a cartoonist attitude to it. What I am trying to say is that it looks like an eight-year-old, given the correct mindset, can paint such a work. Sadly, I am not treating it that seriously. It is just something that I would do to pass the time when I wish to waste a long period of time. There is always writing and drawing a picture book for children, but I do not wish to do something like that as a job. Not that I am not confident about my works (I am still not), but that my works to be a bit…off? It is hard to say.


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