Completed Works

2. Dusk/Dawn

Genre: Action, Magic, Supernatural

HOPE is an organization that helps criminals by “purifying” their souls to become better civilians. Ikeda Tomoyo, a first year high school student, sees an ad about it and decides to work for the company as a part-time job. Although she believes that HOPE is a company full of justice and dignity, there are some things going on behind the scenes in HOPE that she is unaware of.

1. Fate Be Mine

Genre: Drama, School Life, Slice of Life

Fate Be Mine follows the story of high school senior Rikuzen Eien, who finds his lifestyle to be rather dull and boring. Kato Inori, a energetic yet enigmatic girl, transfers to his school during the beginning of the new school term. Almost immediately after her transfer to his classroom, Inori takes interest in Eien and openly forces him to have a relationship with her. Eien’s life takes an unexpected dive from a boring life to something much worse…


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