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Recently, freelance/storyboard writing became a hobby of mine. After watching multiple amounts and genres of various anime, I figured “why do I not try writing as such as well?” From that point, I began to write stories for fun.

I write original stories; I do not write fan fiction. I see fan fiction as “hidden copyright infringement” for, although it is technically the writer’s work, borrowing characters that were already created by various light novels, manga, visual novels, and the like feels wrong for me. It seems as though they are “stealing” the characters already created by already potential authors and drawers and calling it their own, despite the fact that that is what it is. This is of no offense to the fan fiction writer.

A small personal goal for me is to sample as many types of writing as possible to see which type I can do better than the rest and stick to that style for a while. Currently, I wrote two complete stories and am currently working on a third peace. If you have the time, please read them and give me some comments about them. They will be placed in a somewhere in this blog once I have created them.

Not an intended goal, but something that I would like to happen during my lifetime is to have one of my works be turned into an anime. As I write these stories, I hope to find someone who is fluent in Japanese who would be willing to translate my English works to Japanese so I can be turned into a light novel to be sold in the Japanese franchise. I highly doubt that there are anime studios out there who would accept foreign work, especially if it is written simply for fun. If my work in Japanese does turn out to be a success in the Japanese entertainment world, maybe a company will pick it up and turn it into an anime. Again, it is not an intended goal, but it would be nice if something like that were to occur.

Along with writing stories, another thing that I am trying to work on is a joint visual novel creation. On the topic of visual novels, I enjoy them highly. The art, the music, the synopsis – they are all wonderful. Many of the visual novels I can relate to; some made me shed tears. Again, my comments on various visual novels that I play can be found in another page once I created it.


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