Aquarion EVOL: Episode 4

Berlin Wall broken! History repeats itself!

Suomi tells donar that Mikono has no elemental powers and will be sent back to the city. Apparently, she has also done information about what happened nine years ago. Apparently, Donar is one of the people involved in the accident. What could this mean? Meanwhile, Mikono prepares to leave the school when she is stopped by Zessica. Zessica tells her to stop being so pessimistic and cheer up a bit. Zessica offers a handshake before Mikono leaves, but Mikono refuses the offer. On the other side of the wall, Andy is saddened that his hole has been filled with cement, which makes sense considering the scene he and Amata made with Mikono. Andy claims that a girl must have one this so that he would be unable to see the light in the other side of the all. Of course, Amata retorts that it could have been a guy who did this to stop his silly works.

Amata hears music, to which Andy claims is coming from Shrade Elan, a top student as well as popular among the ladies. Amata follows the sound to a room that only has a piano to which Sharde was playing in. During their stay, Cayenne comes in and has a word with Amata about the mock battle from before. It seems that he and Sharde have some from of relationship/rivalry. To quell his anger, Sharde plays a tune which makes him stop what he was doing. Andy tells Amata that Sharde has the power to manipulate one’s emotions via sound. Sharde teases Cayenne about his sister, to which Cayenne easily answers with a swift kick to the face, which Sharde dodges. Their fight would ceases because the abductors have arrived once again. Andy, Cayenne, and Amata are called fight them.

It seems like Kagura is not in the bunch this time. Cayenne takes the lead and becomes the head of Aquarion. Aquarion gets an early lead, but later, it appears that Aquarion may have been outsmarted. The machines this time are well-coordinated, almost as if they are under a higher power. Indeed Jin, the tactician, is the one in charge of the robots fighting Aquarion. Aquarion is in a bind and now trapped in enemy’s arms. Sharde offers his aid and uses his ability to enhance Cayenne’s vision ability. Cayenne is able to find where the true enemy is and begins the attack, but, unfortunately, it does not work. Aquarion is in a deeper bind. From afar, Mikono watches as Aquarion is in a bad state. However, the boat she was on turns and heads straight back to the Academy. Behind the wheel is the male janitor with a straw hat that was cleaning the Academy from before.

At the main deck, the students were discussing what to do next. That man with the straw hat orders Andy to come back in replace of Mikono. Everyone wonders who he is, but he is revealed to be Fudou Zen, the high commander of the Academy. Mikono tells him that she can’t do it, for she is useless. Zen tells her that boys only know to turn themselves to protect the ones they love. Here, Mikono realizes it is not because she is useless, but that she has been protected all this time as to not be hurt or troubled. Mikono musters enough courage to say that she will do it. When Aquarion separates, Mikono and Andy switch places. Amata calls out the name, and Aquarion becomes Aquarion EVOL. The main enemy caught sight of his and begins his attack.

Cayenne tells Mikono that he never wanted to see her in the battlefield, for he had a vision something bad would happen to her if she was near Aquarion. Thus was the reason of his cold demeanor towards her. Mikono always knew that he was protecting her and wnated to shoulder some of his pain. With Mikono by Amata’s side, Amata believes he is able to accomplish anything. The heart of Aquarion beats, and with it comes the ultimate attack, Infinity Fist. Aquarion’s fist extends, destroying the main enemy ship. The fist continues to extend, orbiting Earth twice before destroying the Berlin Wall. Both guys and girls were eager to see and meet each other; however, Zen stops the two sides. He claims that the school will now turn co-od, but love is forbidden.

Meanwhile, it seems like the seal from the enemy side has been shattered as well, as the man inside the glass coffin awakens from his slumber. What could this mean?

Not to my surprise, the Berlin wall was destroyed. History repeats itself in anime once again. I find it funny how Zen made love forbidden despite making the school co-oed. Both sides have been separated for so long that one would imagine how eager each side wants to be with each other. Besides, laws are meant to be broken. Anyway, I am quite glad that Mikoto had a change in outlook earlier in the series. Had it gone on until the end, I would not be able to put up with her antics. I’m glad that she finally found the courage to stand up for herself and be with everyone else. Now, let’s see what is going to happen in the next episode. I know clearly that no one is going to listen to an order like that from the great Zen.


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