ISML 2012: Preliminary 1: Day 6 Fantasy/Prediction

We are now nearing the second half of the final round in Preliminary 1. Just like Day 5, whoever wins in Day 6 will be able to claim a spot in Regular Season without going through any more fights. The Stella side of the board seems very obvious. More likely than not, the ones who were in Post-season last year are going to wipe everyone out. Scanning through it, it seems like a few of even their closest competition are not going to do anything to stop them from their tracks. Nova seems to be more challenging in that a few of the matches can go either way. However, even then, it still looks a bit obvious as to who is going to win this one. A detailed deduction can be seen here:

Stella 1 – I believe it is very safe to say that the current Tiara holder Misaka Mikoto is going to win this one. There does not appear to be anyone who can come close as to stop her. I doubt Hirasawa Yui or Ikaros, two girls who may appear in Regular Season this year, can slow her down as her motor continues to run. Mikoto will most likely zap them and everyone else and claim a spot swiftly.

Stella 2 – Nagato Yuki is most likely the person who is going to win this one. The majority of her characters are rather helpless in the clutches of a girl like her. I do not think Louise Vallière is able to beat her despite having a currently airing series. Louise can try in Preliminary two, but Yuki should not be that weak to be taken down by her.

Stella 3 – There is literally no one in Nakano Azusa’s way to get first here and win a spot in Regualr Season. With her already domineering aura and a possible boost from a movie, Azusa does not look to be slowing down just yet. Sanzen’in Nagi is better off trying to win a spot at Preliminary 2 than here.

Stella 4 – On a similar scale, Shana has no excuse in not winning this round: her final season is still airing; the Kugimiya faction are backing her up. Even with all of this, it is still quite a shame that she has never won a Tiara yet. I hope Shana finally gets it this year. Possible girls to look out for come the remaining preliminary round are Izumi Konata and Asahina Mikuru.

Stella 5 – Aisaka Taiga should be able to take this one with ease. Despite Oshino Shinobu having a currently airing series, she does not seem to have enough power to fully take someone like Taiga out. She has a better chance at making it to Regular Season during the later preliminary rounds. Index L. Prohibitorum and Hecate could possibly qualify for Regular Season as well.

Stella 6 – Katsura Hinagiku should have no trouble getting first place here. The former Tiara bearer seems to still have some strength to fight on and be a force to be reckoned with. Girls to look out for in Preliminary two and three are Hiiragi Kagami and possibly Shiina Mafuyu.

Nova 7 – Victorique de Blois should have no trouble taking first place here. I highly doubt either Honma Meiko or Tomoe Mami are able to fight against her for a spot. More likely than not, the two of them have a better chance at going to Regular Season during either of the remaining preliminary rounds.

Nova 8 – There really isn’t anyone here who can come close to Kōsaka Kirino. Kirino should be able to take first place in this one with ease and get a spot at Regular Season. Not many of the girls here seem certain to make it in via the other preliminary rounds, but girls such as Himeji Mizuki, Kasugano Sora, and Konoe Subaru could get a run of their money here.

Nova 9 – A more interesting match than the rest since there are three strong contenders to look out for. The signs seem to be pointing at Hasegawa Kobato to take first place here and get a spot in Regular Season. Makise Kurisu has a better chance going in via preliminary two. Gasai Yuno can do the same, but after a questionable result in the previous round, she may have to go through via Preliminary three.

Nova 10 – It appears pretty clear that Kuroi Mato is going to win this one. With the TV series airing, Mato is going to garner some major support, thus should be able to take first place. Kanzaki H. Aria can certainly try, but even then, it seems like it might not be enough. She should, however, get a higher chance of making it in during the later preliminary rounds. Other possible girls to look out for in the coming preliminaries are Ayuzawa Misaki and Ika-Musume.

Nova 11 – Kashiwazaki Sena should be able to win this one with fair ease. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai seems to have a decent and stable fanbase with Yozora at mid-tier and Sena and Kobato at mid-to-high tier. Sena should have no trouble getting in from here. Other girls to be aware of in the other preliminary rounds are Yuzuriha Inori and possibly Nakagawa Kanon.

Nova 12 – Akemi Homura should have no trouble winning this one here. While Homura is not as strong as I would have liked, at least she should be able to leave Preliminary 1 with a satisfying first place and grab a spot in Regular season. Irisviel von Einzbern can try to beat her to the count, but I do not see that happening yet. Maybe when the second season of Fate/zero arrives she may have a chance. For now, it does not look to be the case. Another possible person to take note of for the other two preliminary rounds is Kirishima Shōko.


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