KBM Round of 96: Results 9-12 & Predictions 13-16

Group 9 – Much to my surprise, Heiji Hattori comes out with a win with a very nice score of 471. I would have expected that Shinpachi Shimura would have done so thanks to his Gintama fanbase, but it does not seem to be enough for the Detective Conan group. While I knew Shinpachi was in the middle in terms of strength, I would have sworn he would at least get over him, but it appears to be otherwise. Not to mu surprise, Ume Kurumizawa is not getting any love in this group with people like those two she is pitted against.

Group 10 – Shinra Kishitani wins this group with a fair score of 410. Then again, this would make sense, given that Bleach and Naruto were not that strong to begin with. Even when they gave one of their top tiers like Toshiro Hitsugaya and mid-tier Naruto Uzumaki, it is going to take more that frost powers and shadow clones to take out this mad scientist.

Group 11 – And Izaya Orihara completely dominates his group like it was nothing, winning with a high score of 531, a near 55.5% of the voters support. Of course, this would make sense given that the opponents he had to deal with were very weak from the start. Neither Killua Zoldyeck nor Shiji Hirako would have had the chance to touch him even if they tried. Of course, Izaya is a rather manipulative info broker.

Group 12 – Interestingly enough, Ai Haibara wins her group with a high score of 451. Takashi Natsume was close, but was not able to overtake her in the end. Maybe she was just going easy in Prelim 2 simply because her group was weak. With Ai, who is a very strong character, getting into the next round, I may have to rethink about the ladies obtaining a win, since this is a male tournament and the girls will get their chance in six months. Otherwise, a solid performance by Ai.


Group 13 – Sebastian Michaelis should easily take the win here. His opponents are of no match to someone like him.

Group 14 – Toushirou Hijikata should have no problem advancing from this one as well. Kasuka Heiwajima may try to take him on, but it looks to be too much to handle. Also, I do not believe Archer (4th) will be able to take him down as well.

Group 15 – A tough call. I think all three of them are pretty leveled in terms of strength. I may have to go to Tae Shimura on this one. Alois Trancy seems to have the advantage as well, but not Ichigo Kurosaki.

Group 16 – Since both of the guys are not that strong, Sawako Kuronuma should have no problem winning this.


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